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(Friday 13 May 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 263 4/27/11
My bus arrived a little after nine in Chiclayo which is the bigger town near Lambayeque. I had no map of the city so I wandered awhile before finding a hostel. I would normally find a dive near the bus station to crash for the night but couldn’t find one so I paid more than I wanted for the hostel which was not worth the extra money. The next morning I got tickets to Tumbes which is the last major town before Ecuador where I can cross the border. I took a 12:30 rather than a late afternoon bus so I would have to finish here quickly.
The only reason I had stopped in this town is for the Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipan in Lambayeque. Because of the time limit, I got a taxi to take me to the Lambayeque which is about twenty minutes away and was dropped off at the museum.
They take security here very seriously so no cameras, no cell phones, no daypacks are allowed inside. After going through a metal detector I was in. The Sipan were a people that inhabited this area and a great excavation was done of their funeral temple. The items were brought to this museum. This is definitely a world class museum with fantastic display, media presentations, animatronics displays; however, everything is only in Spanish. Regardless it is worth the effort to make it here. The spider necklace was the lure to bring me here, and it is indeed incredible, but the entire museum has terrific exhibitions. If they had any English descriptions I could have stayed here for hours but as the all the signage was in Spanish it only took me a couple hours to make the tour.
I looked for a taxi in Lambayeque for a good half hour but I could only see Tuk-tuk type taxis which would not do for the trip back to Chiclayo. I got directions for a colectivo and for a tenth of the price of the taxi, I got back to town. Of course I had no idea where my hostel was and after learning it was a couple miles away I caught another taxi for the short trip and collected my backpack and made it to the bus station with time to spare.


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