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(Friday 13 May 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 266-7 4/30-5/1/11
My first choice for a hotel was full so I went down the street and took my second choice. The room wasn’t available yet as it was about seven AM so I left my bags and went to a major hotel’s restaurant for a too expensive breakfast. Having some time to kill, I walked down to Parque la Alameda which was pretty and looked for the craft market which, according to the guidebook, is on the weekends but didn’t see anything probably because it was too early.
I caught a glimpse of a cathedral behind some buildings and went it. It was done in gothic style and I really enjoyed it. I heard there is a fabulous cathedral in the Old Town, but I was in the New Town so I’m not really sure what cathedral this was. If the Old Town has a better one, I definitely have to visit it because as I said this one was fantastic.
I checked in to the hotel and finally had access to Wi-Fi and went through my emails. Dad’s health had not improved and in fact had gotten more serious. I may have to cancel my Galapagos trip and fly back earlier than the May 15th flight I currently have booked. I stayed close to the hotel trying to find a tour company that was open to check prices on cruises if I did go to the islands but surprising had no luck. So I did laundry and ate out.
The next day had no change in dad’s condition. I thought I’d catch a couple of buses out to Mitad Del Mundo which is a large park where the equator is marked. It was kind of cheesy with people posing with one foot on either line so they were in both hemispheres at the same time. It was a nice park with some small museums on the grounds and a huge building with a globe on its side where the line ran East and West to mark the equator. It’s rather amusing that this is not actually where the equator is as GPS surveys have shown the true equator is about 300 meters north of the line drawn here. Being a stickler for truth, I walked up to the Museo de la Cultura Solar which has the true markings is a much less formal manner. I’ve included a picture which shows the Mitad Del Undo’s building in the background.
I got back and checked my emails again and found out that apparently the nurse had told my family that dad’s health was worse than it actually was and the doctor was not recommending he move to a hospice but was going to release him at my father’s insistence to home. Considering all this, I decided to go ahead with my flight to Galapagos and then travel on to see dad as I originally planned when I got back.
I finally found a restaurant that had Guinea Pig which was about ten blocks away and was going to get it when the skies opened up and it began to rain heavily – another sign against me trying this food! I postponed that until I got back and ran for a nearby restaurant for some Mexican food before going to sleep.
I made reservations to stay at the same place when I got back into town and they called me a taxi to get me to the airport.

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