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Galapagos – San Cristobal Island

(Monday 23 May 2011) by Mike and Julie's sort of round the world trip
Day 272 5/6/11
After breakfast the following day, we took the panga (larger motorboat) to a rocky island outside of Punta Pitt which was a nesting place for many varieties of birds. San Cristobal is an inhabited island and the introduction of domestic animals caused problems in the traditional nesting areas. This island provided a safe haven for the birds and became choice real estate as many birds nest here.
We made a wet landing on Punta Pitt beach where there was – surprise – a sea lion colony. Putting my hiking shoes on, we headed to the upper flank of Pitt Hill passing red footed boobies and lava lizards on the way to scenic views out over the ocean and postcard picture of our ship in the cove . . . Arrr, and a good ship she be.
Some people swam back to the ship from the shore but I opted for the panga. When we set sail to Sleeping Lion we happened across one of the most amazing sights which I almost missed. I was playing cards below deck when one of the crew popped his head in and said, “Daulsen”. We wondered what or who Dauslen was and promptly went back to our game. When he reappeared and more urgently repeated Dauslen, we headed up to the deck and went forward to the bow where the other passengers were gathered. There were several dolphins racing the ship and I began to eagerly take pictures of them. Looking around I realized we had wandered into a pod of dolphins and there were two or three hundred around the ship. I got some videos of them as well as they accompanied us for about twenty minutes before going there own way.
We circumnavigated the Sleeping Lion or Kicker Rock in the afternoon. Essentially we sailed around a triangle of stone stuck in the water which was a few hundred yards wide. It was hardly worth the effort to sail out here but I would have wasted a whole day sailing to see the dolphins.
We did some snorkeling that afternoon and I did go wearing a shirt this time and got to see some sea lions underwater. They are curious about us and would often swim around us taunting us with their superior swimming techniques. While you are not allowed to touch any animals in the park, they will often brush against you giving you a tactile thrill.
We concluded with a panga ride through Loberia islet.
If the afternoon was the best I had in Galapagos, that evening was definitely the worse. The sunburn I got on the first day began to itch flaring up every thirty seconds keeping me awake. The journey to Santa Fe Island was very rough but actually that was a good thing as the rocking rubbed my back against the mattress giving me some relief and sleep for a couple hours.


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